Aust data downloads double over two years

Ethan James
(Australian Associated Press)


Australia’s internet downloads have more than doubled over the past two years, as people watch increasing amounts of online video.

Nearly two in three people tune in to online video content, including Netflix, Stan and catch-up streaming services, according to figures from the Australian Communication and Media Authority’s 2015/16 report.

Australians downloaded nearly 2.2 million terabytes of data from April to June this year, compared to one million terabytes in 2014.

That’s roughly the equivalent of 2.2 billion high-definition Game of Thrones episodes.

The data accounts for all internet usage but video was a key driver, according to the report.

“Catch-up and subscription video, particularly video content downloads, have driven data usage, rather than growth in the number of devices,” it said.

While more people are downloading video, free-to-air television still accounted for 59 per cent of the total video watched by Australians.

The report analysed the quarter to June 2016. It found:

* 63 per cent of people watched online content, up from 53 per cent from the previous year

* 92 per cent of total internet data was downloaded via fixed-line broadband.

* Mobile data usage increased by 69 per cent from last year to 121,000 terabytes.

* 28 terabytes was downloaded via dial-up internet


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