Bioplastic Fantastic: Why we don’t need oil for plastics [TED Talk Video]


It is time to move away from fossil fuels – not only for transport and energy but also for materials like plastics and chemicals. In a post-petroleum world, we will leave oil in the ground and make everyday products from plants instead of oil. This is not wishful thinking as plant-based plastics and chemicals are already available today. Kathryn Sheridan will explain the state of the industry, the latest innovations and what brands and consumers can do to accelerate the Bio Revolution! Kathryn is an ethical entrepreneur who lives and breathes the Bio Revolution. She is CEO and Founder of the bioeconomy communications agency Sustainability Consult, Ambassador for the responsible business network “1% for the Planet”, Natuurpunt volunteer and sponsor and lover of Flanders.


Source: TED Talks Ideas Worth Spreading


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