Business to campaign on the good it does

Colin Brinsden, AAP Economics Correspondent
(Australian Associated Press)


Workers are being overlooked amid all the negative sentiment towards the corporate world, the Business Council of Australia argues in a new advertising campaign.

The council is using its annual forum in Canberra on Tuesday evening to launch a campaign to remind Australians that business generates jobs and how big and small firms rely on each other to be successful.

It says the business community has become an easy target for a wave of populist attacks but there is limited appreciation of the positive contribution of business to the nation and people’s lives.

“We cannot sit back and allow Australians to only see the negatives and forget about our workers,” it says.

The Australia at Work campaign centres on two television commercials focusing on how 86 per cent of jobs today are generated by business and how big and small business work together – like a small business owner supplying snacks to a major airline.

This will be backed by a mix of radio, print and digital advertising, along with a substantial social media strategy over the next year.

“We need to highlight the good business does every day – from creating jobs, exporting, innovating and giving back to the community – and address the issues that irritate the community,” the council says.


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