How parents can prepare for the cost of education in Australia

March 30, 2023

Education is a vital investment in your child’s future, but it can also be a significant financial burden for those who are unprepared. One study shows that although a large majority of Australian parents believe that education plays a significant...[Read More]

Helping kids with living expenses

January 12, 2023

There’s a family event of sorts that gives parents mixed feelings of sadness, apprehension and relief — and children a lot of excitement: when a child leaves the proverbial nest. Now, this can happen early during your child’s teenage years or...[Read More]

The Most Educated Nations -1870/2017 [video]

February 2, 2022

  Fancy data by Statistics and data

Want to learn better? Start mind mapping [TED Talk Video]

November 25, 2020

  As a lifelong learner with 4 degrees and a Ph.D. in mathematics, Hazel Wagner has spent her life learning how to learn. Hazel shares her work on mind mapping and what it can do for understanding, memorization, and retention. Hazel Wagner, Ph.D.,...[Read More]

Creative ways to get kids to thrive in school [TED Talk Video]

October 14, 2020

  To get young kids to thrive in school, we need to do more than teach them how to read and write — we need to teach them how to manage their emotions, says educator Olympia Della Flora. In this practical talk, she shares creative tactics she...[Read More]

Most uni graduates in work by three years

October 9, 2019

Matt Coughlan (Australian Associated Press)   Nine out of 10 Australian university graduates are working full-time three years after finishing their degree. The 2019 graduate outcomes survey received responses from more than 40,000 people who...[Read More]

Push for Australia-wide school phone ban

June 26, 2019

AAP Reporters(Australian Associated Press)   All Australian states and territories will be asked to ban students using mobile phone during school hours. The proposal follows Victoria’s decision to ban phones at public schools from next...[Read More]

Sharing financial wisdom between the generations

May 1, 2019

Money and Life(Financial Planning Association of Australia) Money know-how can come from anyone, young or old. When it comes to financial wisdom, author and speaker Kylie Travers and actor and singer Charmaine Bingwa have taken their lead from the...[Read More]

Top 4 tips for studying

May 1, 2019

Money and Life(Kate Christie) With Financial Planners required to undertake additional study as part of FASEA’s new education requirements, here are four tips that may also help you better balance your work/life/study. Tip 1: Batch your...[Read More]

Postgraduate education: Is it worth it?

October 17, 2018

Money and Life(Financial Planning Association of Australia) So you’ve finished your degree – now what? With more Australians taking time to study for longer, find out if the benefits to your career and earning potential could be...[Read More]

Students will pay loans back sooner

August 15, 2018

Karen Sweeney(Australian Associated Press)   Graduates and students will have to start forking out for student loan repayments when their earnings hit $45,000 when changes begin next July. As part of the Turnbull government’s push to cut...[Read More]

Universities power the economy: study

August 15, 2018

Elle Conway(Australian Associated Press)   Australia’s top universities contribute more than $66 billion to the national economy annually, a new study shows. A report from London Economics commissioned by the Group of Eight universities...[Read More]

Australian research funds falling behind

July 11, 2018

(Australian Associated Press)   The realisation Iceland spends more per person on important research and development than Australia has sparked calls for significant reinvestment in the sector. Universities Australia says data from 2015/16...[Read More]

More career advice in schools: report

May 30, 2018

Karen Sweeney(Australian Associated Press)   Every Australian high school should have a trained career advisor on staff, a new report suggests. Schools, businesses and industry should also collaborate to increase the amount of work experience...[Read More]

NAPLAN tests here to stay: minister

May 16, 2018

Paul Osborne(Australian Associated Press)   Federal Education Minister Simon Birmingham says NAPLAN tests are here to stay, despite concerns they create unnecessary anxiety and a narrow picture of schooling. More than one million students sat...[Read More]