Creativity Connects: How to heal the environment in a global pandemic [TED Talk Video]


In this global pandemic, we’re all living change, uncertainty and disconnection from one another. But our long term disconnection from our own planet earth is causing environmental destruction more significant than any historical or cultural change. How can we tackle urgent environmental issues that affect all of us, in a time where isolation is the new standard? Amy discusses how the arts are a catalyst for ecological change, inspiring a call to action for anyone and everyone to start healing our planet today with our own individual patch. As a survivor of a coma, sexual abuse, and 28 surgeries, Amy used creativity as resilient energy to transform, connect, and reimagine identity. In this talk, she discusses how we can all use the Arts to restore our connection with the earth from wherever we are, one patch at a time. She also shares practical acts we can do immediately that can create positive change . Each of our patches start a conversation that brings unrepresented stories to light connecting humanity in new ways, and restoring our relationship with the planet that sustains us.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.


Source: TED Talks Ideas Worth Spreading


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