Financial Planning Week – Are you ready to share the dream with the next generation?

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(Financial Planning Association of Australia)


For our 18th consecutive Financial Planning Week, we are encouraging Australians to ‘Share the Dream’ with the next generation.

Running from 20-26 August, this year’s Financial Planning Week is focused on the next wave of ‘dreamers’, sharing money wisdom and practical tips with the people raising the next generation, so they can pass on the financial habits and skills that children will need later on in life. You can see below what we have planned to celebrate this year.



We have released new national research to uncover and better understand our nation’s readiness for the future of money. The research includes the views of over 1,000 parents of Gen Z and Gen Alpha (aged 4 to 18 years) on raising the Invisible-Money Generation, uncovering gaps in money knowledge and expectations between generations.

Did you know that 66% of parents believe digital money is making hard for children to grasp the value of money? Or that 62% of parents believe their children’s generation will be financially worse off than their own.

Interestingly, those who have sought the advice of a financial planner are the most likely to believe their kids are equiped to transact in today’s digital money world.

These are just some of the insights revealed in the report.

You can download and read the FPA’s Share the Dream Report here.


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