Gig economy failing workers, says report

(Australian Associated Press)


On-demand work platforms are deliberately structuring worker arrangements to avoid Australia’s regulations, a new report has found.

The platforms, such as Uber, Deliveroo and AirTasker, have been under the scrutiny of a Victorian government-commissioned inquiry since September 2018 and the report was released on Wednesday.

Almost 100 written submissions were made and 200 people consulted during the inquiry, which made 20 recommendations.

“Platforms have been deliberate in framing their arrangements with workers,” the report reads.

“This enables platforms to avoid the operation of close and detailed labour regulation while other businesses are carrying the costs of complying with those requirements.”

The uncertain work status can have consequences when it comes to superannuation and workers’ compensation.

The federal government is responsible for national workplace laws, so it should take responsibility for change.

However, in the absence of Commonwealth leadership, the Victorian government should bring more certainty, fairness and choice for platform workers in the state, the report recommends.


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