How we can all step up to help save the environment! [TED Talk Video]


Ever wondered who will be the hero who saves our environment? In this talk, Manush raises awareness on the environmental issues present in her small city of Dilijan, discusses the initiatives she has taken as an environmental activist throughout her life to involve various parties to solve those issues and her discovery of the key to creating environmentally friendly practices.

The president and founder of “Contribution to Women and Children” NGO (established in 2004), and a teacher in one of the schools of Dilijan, Manush Hovnanyan believes there are currently more opportunities in Armenia to enter politics, given that there are many women already in the field who are blazing a trail for others. In particular, Manush is interested in enabling the democratization process in Armenia, and as a politically experienced individual, who empowers young women in her region, she wants to be more engaged in political processes. Most events she organizes are dedicated to the empowerment of young women, their active involvement in politics, as well as to raising awareness about local environmental issues. Manush is also a proud member of the KATARINE Women’s Political Leadership program, where she actively participates and shares her concerns on various issues particularly related to women’s participation and eco-education. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.


Source: TED Talks Ideas Worth Spreading


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