Nine key tips to sticking to a budget

(Australian Associated Press)


1. Use your mobile phone to help you track spending. Apps like Goodbudget let you categorise your spending, while Wally scans your receipts, saves them and automatically enters the purchase details.

2. Run your dishwasher and washing machine during off-peak times when power is cheaper, and check if your power company has an app to help you track consumption

3. Online grocery shopping can help avoid ad hoc trips to the shops, where you could be tempted to buy items not on your weekly meal plan.

4. Free goal setting platform stickK allows users to create commitment contracts and attach financial penalties if they fail to stick to their goals.

5. Borrow things like books, DVDs and children’s toys from libraries, and if you need a new garden tool, ask your friends to lend you theirs.

6. Listen to music for free on platforms like Spotify.

7. Join Facebook groups where people post items they are giving away for free

8. Make just two clothes shopping trips each year – in summer and winter – to avoid impulse purchases.

9. Get holiday accommodation for free by doing a house swap


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