Prince Charles’ 16th trip to Australia

Hannah Higgins
(Australian Associated Press)




* 1966

Visited Australia for the first time as a schoolboy, spending two terms at Timbertop, the rural campus of Victoria’s Geelong Grammar School.

* 1967

The young prince returned to Australia to represent his mother at the funeral of Prime Minister Harold Holt, who disappeared while swimming.

* 1970

Prince Charles accompanied his mother the Queen, his father Prince Philip and his sister Princess Anne on the Royal Tour of Australasia. The family visited the Royal Easter Show while in Sydney.

* 1974

The Prince went for a dip at the famous Bondi Beach while in the country to open the Anglo-Australian Telescope at Siding Springs with then prime minister Gough Whitlam.

* 1977

Visited Australia as Patron of the Queen’s Silver Jubilee Appeal for Young Australians.

* 1978

The Prince, representing his mother, attended the funeral of Sir Robert Menzies in Melbourne.

* 1979

In one of his more memorable visits as a young bachelor, Prince Charles was ambushed in the surf at Cottesloe Beach by Perth model Jane Priest who stole a quick kiss.

* 1981

The Prince visited shortly after the announcement of his engagement to Lady Diana Spencer to open the 50th Anniversary Convention of Apex Clubs of Australia.

* 1983

He returned in 1983 with his new bride Princess Diana and their son Prince William, the trio flying into Alice Springs.

* 1985

The Prince and Princess of Wales returned to Australia for a visit to Victoria to celebrate the state’s 150th anniversary. The pair attended the Melbourne Cup.

* 1988

Prince Charles and Princess Diana returned for the last time as a couple as part of Australia’s bicentenary celebrations.

* 1994

A 23-year-old man was arrested after firing a starter pistol at the Prince as he prepared to hand out Australia Day awards in Sydney.

* 2005

The Prince visited Australia shortly ahead of his wedding to long-time love Camilla Parker-Bowles, travelling to Perth, Alice Springs, Melbourne, Sydney, and Canberra.

* 2012

Prince Charles and his wife Camilla Duchess of Cornwall visited for six days to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. The pair spent time in Tasmania, Victoria, NSW and the ACT – the trip costing Australian taxpayers $437,057.

* 2015

In what was the Prince’s 15th visit to Australia, he and the Duchess of Cornwall took in Adelaide, Tanunda, Canberra, Sydney, Albany and Perth where they celebrated his 67th birthday.


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