Tax cuts: Growing recognition of inequality

(Australian Associated Press)


The likely inability of the federal government to pass company tax cuts demonstrates a growing recognition of inequality in Australia, ACTU secretary Sally McManus believes.

Ms McManus said the community was becoming increasingly sceptical of the benefits of company tax cuts, especially over the past five years.

“The fact (the Liberal government) can’t talk about (their) trickle-down ideas and get away with it says a lot,” Ms McManus told the Transport Workers’ Union national council in Adelaide on Tuesday.

She said many of the companies set for tax cuts already paid little, and that benefits were unlikely to flow to workers amidst record low wage growth.

“It’s $80 billion that should be going to our schools, our hospitals and our pensions,” Ms McManus said.

With inequality at what Ms McManus said was a 70-year high, the union boss said there was a growing realisation that industrial laws had failed workers.

“I think people are starting to say, why is it my job is insecure, why is it I can’t get a pay rise?” Ms McManus said.

“They are starting to join the dots, and see there is a problem with big business having too much power.”


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