Telstra to switch off 3G network in 2024

Alex Druce
(Australian Associated Press)


Telstra is giving customers until June 2024 to ditch their 3G devices after announcing plans to switch off the ageing network.

The telco giant said on Wednesday it will upgrade its 4G coverage over the next four years to the same size as its current 3G footprint, with most customers set to benefit from improved speeds when using a compatible device.

“We are working to assess our product range and all current areas with 3G only coverage in order to give you the best possible experience on 4G and 5G,” the company said in a release.

Telstra’s 3G technology – also known as NextG – was switched on in 2006, and was heralded at the time for its more reliable service, increased speeds and coverage.

Telstra followed up by switching off the old CDMA network in 2008, with the 850MHz spectrum repurposed for 3G.

The telco then launched 4G in 2011, switching off the 2G network in December 2016 to make more room.

“To help continue enhancing the network, it will eventually mean our older network technology will need to be switched off, so the spectrum that is used to carry data and voice calls over our oldest mobile network technology can be repurposed to help grow 5G,” Telstra said.

Telstra’s 5G technology is now available in selected sites within 10 cities and will expand to at least 35 Australian cities over the next year.


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