Uber redefines flexible work

(Australian Associated Press)

Uber is redefining the nature of flexible work and putting more power into the hands of its drivers, officials from the ride-sharing app have told a Senate committee.

Uber Australia general manager David Rohrsheim told a public hearing into the future of work and workers that “flexibility” had scared staff in the past, as it usually meant unpredictable shifts or hours.

“Flexibility in our world means these drivers can log on whenever they want,” Mr Rohrsheim told senators in Sydney on Wednesday.

“They can do it full time, or they can stop doing it for a couple of months, but it’s completely in their control. It’s flexibility so they can fit in work whenever it works for them.”

Almost half of Uber drivers in Australia clock less than 10 hours per week, often supplementing other incomes.

Senators were told if drivers were not earning enough income on Uber, they were free to find work elsewhere, including other ride-sharing platforms.

Uber officials were lukewarm on requests to calculate the average earnings per week of its drivers, saying there were “80,000 different stories” across the country.

When pressed on their reluctance to offer an average wage, Uber officials said their drivers could be logged onto other ride-sharing apps at the same time.


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