Unique Beatles memorabilia in Melbourne – Opens April 27

Oliver Caffrey
(Australian Associated Press)


Beatlemania will again erupt in Australia, 55 years after the iconic band’s only tour down under.

Unique Beatles memorabilia, including John Lennon’s famous reading glasses, will be on display in Melbourne for four months.

The exhibition will be held at Melbourne Museum, less than three kilometres away from Festival Hall – the venue for the Beatles’ Victorian shows in 1964.

The Revolutions: Records and Rebels exhibition promises a ride through the late 1960s when youth culture caused huge shifts around the world.

While the exhibition isn’t just restricted to the Fab Four, it comes with a heavy Beatles flavour.

As well as getting a chance to glimpse the master songwriter’s glasses, museum goers will see Lennon’s famous Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band suit and handwritten lyrics.

Exhibition co-curator Victoria Broackes said the display wasn’t “conceived as a trip down memory lane”.

“Looking back 50 years since the events framed in the exhibition took place reveals the importance of that revolutionary period to our lives today,” she said.

“Amidst political turmoil, many of the freedoms so hard won in the 60s are being challenged anew across the Western world (and beyond), so it is timely to look back at this period.”

The exhibition opens on April 27.


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