Voters want full tax cuts: Frydenberg

(Australian Associated Press)


Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has urged Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese to back the government’s full tax-cut package, saying Australians voted for it.

The Morrison government needs the support of Labor or at least four crossbenchers to get the full $158 billion tax-cut package through the Senate.

Labor supports only the first two parts of the three-stage tax relief plan.

“Earth to Anthony Albanese: Labor lost the election, now it’s time to support the Coalition’s tax cuts in full,” Mr Frydenberg wrote in The Daily Telegraph.

“On May 18, the Australian people voted for the Coalition’s tax cuts, not Labor’s $387 billion of higher taxes.”

He said the coalition wanted to “put more money in people’s pockets”, reward effort and encourage aspiration.

“This was a message that resonated loudly with Scott Morrison’s ‘quiet Australians’ but has yet to be heard by Labor,” Mr Frydenberg wrote.

Labor backs the first stage of tax cuts to low and middle income earners but wants the second stage brought forward, and wants legislation on cuts for people earning between $45,000 and $200,000 deferred.


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