What will the family law inquiry examine?

(Australian Associated Press)



* Impacts of family law proceedings on the health, safety and wellbeing of children and families involved;

* Financial costs of family law proceedings and options to cut costs;

* Improving the interaction between the family law and child support systems;

* Capping total fees by reference to the total pool of assets in dispute;

* Improving the resolution of property disputes in family law proceedings;

* Potential use of pre-nuptial agreements to minimise property disputes;

* Process, standards and onuses of proof in relation to the granting of domestic and apprehended violence orders;

* Visibility of, and consideration given to, domestic violence and apprehended violence orders;

* Appropriateness of court powers to ensure parties in family law proceedings provide truthful and complete evidence;

* Beyond the proposed merger of the Family Court and the Federal Circuit Court, any other changes that may be needed to the structure of each court;

* Consideration of banning ‘disappointment’ fees;

* Effectiveness of the delivery of family law support services and family dispute resolution processes;

* Issues arising for grandparent carers in family law matters and court proceedings;

* Improving the performance and monitoring of professionals involved in family law cases.


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