What you need to know about Vitamin C

Sarah Wiedersehn
(Australian Associated Press)

Vitamin C

* Most animals produce their own vitamin C but humans and other primates do not.

* Is found widely in fruits and vegetables, in Australia some 40 per cent comes from vegetables and 19 per cent from fruits

* Fruits containing Vitamin C include blackcurrants, guava, citrus, and kiwi fruit

* Vegetables with Vitamin C include broccoli and brussels sprouts

* The Australian bush food terminalia ferdinandiana is the richest source

* Cutting, bruising, heating and exposure to copper, iron or mildly alkaline conditions can destroy ascorbate

* It can also be leached into water during cooking
Recommended Daily Intake


1-8 yr 35 mg/day

9-18 yr 40 mg/day


19-70 yr 45 mg/day

The Top Five Foods High in Vitamin C

1) Guava

2) Blackcurrant

3) Red capsicum

4) Chilli powder

5) Orange peel

(Source: National Health and Medical Research Council, Dietitians Association of Australia, Foodworks)


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