Which capital city is the ‘cheapest for private schools’ ?

Stuart Layt
(Australian Associated Press)


Brisbane is the cheapest capital city in the country to send a child to a private school, according to a new report into the cost of education.

The ASG Planning for Education Index predicts the parents of a child born in 2017 would spend $372,037 sending them to a private school over their school years.

That’s 24 per cent lower than the national average, and about $200,000 less than the Sydney figure of $575,140.

The survey also found the estimated cost of sending your child to a state school in Brisbane is $60,135 – 12 per cent below the national average.

However parents wanting to send their children to a private school with a religious background, such as a Catholic, Anglican or Islamic school, didn’t reap the benefits, with Brisbane expected to be the most expensive capital for a child born in 2017.

ASG CEO John Velegrinis said while Brisbane would remain relatively cheap for private education, the overall cost of sending a child to school is predicted to continue to rise.

“Our research predicts the cost of education will increase, irrespective of whether you send your child to a government, systemic or private school,” Mr Velegrinis said in a statement.

“That is why we encourage parents to start planning for education as early as possible, even from the moment their child is born.”


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